Considering Having a Facelift in the UK?

Achieve the Refreshed, Vibrant & Youthful Look You’ve Always Wanted With a Deep Plane Facelift

Have you been thinking about getting a facelift for a while?

Watching yourself age in the mirror every day can be distressing. Sagging skin, more pronounced lines, and deeper wrinkles are clear signs of ageing that gradually diminish your youthful appearance, likely troubling you more with each passing day.

Get rid of this feeling in a day with a deep plane facelift – considered the most effective, with longest lasting results performed by UK’s top 5% facial plastic surgeon – Mr Mrinal Supriya.

Deep plane forehead, face and neck lift can help address droopy forehead and eyebrows, sagging face and neck tissue, jowls, neck bands, excessive fullness and fat in the neck or cheek, all in one surgical procedure.

You can now access premium deep plane facelift from £144/Week (zero interest) for 1 year. 50% down payment required.

Take the first step towards a more radiant, youthful and more confident self again by booking a consultation. You can give us a call to ask us any questions before your consultation.

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Helping Real People Take Years Off Their Faces

Real Lasting Results Speak

These before & after photos show the effectiveness of deep plane facelift performed by Mr Mrinal Supriya and his team.

The above pictures are authentic and unedited photos of Mr Supriya patients

A deep plane facelift helps you to regain confidence, look better, and feel better. If you’re interested in viewing additional before and after results and having Mr Mrinal Supriya assess your specific case while presenting similar examples, please don’t hesitate to reach out for a consultation.

Helping Real People Take Years Off Their Faces

Mr Mrinal Supriya’s preferred facelift technique is the Deep Plane facelift. He has specialised in, and has refined his techniques in deep plane facelifts over a number of years. A deep plane facelift delivers the most natural and long lasting results, and is now considered the leading technique in facial rejuvenation.

More Natural-Looking Results

With a deep plane facelift, ligaments are released in order to achieve tension-free soft tissue repositioning. This creates a natural lift throughout the face and neck area.

Longer Lasting Results

Not only will patients enjoy a more natural-looking face after a deep plane facelift, patients are also more likely to experience results that last much longer. The combination of subtle and lasting results is a win-win for most patients seeking to look and feel younger without the “operated” look.

Faster Recovery

With a deep plane facelift, there is more targeted tissue release, thereby limiting the surgical dissection, whilst still achieving a powerful lift. This results in less trauma which translates to less swelling and bruising and thereby a quicker, less painful healing process.

Wide Range of Treatment Areas

A deep plane facelift can address areas of the face that a traditional facelift isn’t able to improve. With this plastic surgery, patients will notice improvement in their mid-face, which can not be achieved by traditional facelift or fillers/fat grafting.

Helping Real People Take Years Off Their Faces

What Is Included In a Deep Plane Facelift Procedure With British Face Clinic?

Our Deep Plane Facelift is the most advanced facelift procedure available. The surgery is designed to rejuvenate the face and neck, giving you a more youthful appearance. Our fixed-price package includes full-facelift tightening under the muscles to give you the longest-lasting results of a facelift available.

Our package also includes platysmaplasty (neck lift), eyebrow lift and chin liposuction if required. As the super-specialist technique works on deep layers under SMA and Platysma muscle, results can be seen within a few days with very little downtime. We offer the deep plane facelift procedure in our London, Milton Keynes and Northampton clinics.

  • Full deep plane facelift
  • Neck lift
  • Eyebrow lift
  • Chin liposuction
  • All hospital, anaesthetics and medication cost

The Deep Plane Facelift is performed by less than 5% of surgeons because it is a technically more difficult procedure and requires intense training and excellent surgical skills. Want to learn more and see if this procedure suits you? Please reach out for a consultation.

Patient Stories

It’s embarrassing looking tired at work, and social events aren’t so fun when your confidence and self-esteem are lacking. You’ve neglected yourself and feel inadequate compared to all the beautiful people around you. You deserve some self-love.

Take your first step and step into a more beautiful you!

Facelift Surgery Post-Operative Support

We remain committed to supporting you throughout your recovery journey, offering:

  • Year-long access to complimentary post-operative consultations
  • A take-home post-operative package
  • Follow-up care at 1, 2, 6, 9, 12, and 18 months post-procedure
  • Access to a dedicated patient care practitioner to provide a personalised tailor made support at all time
  • Free consultation for other procedures
  • Complimentary treatment with dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injections following your procedure.

Here’s who you’ll be meeting or talking to during your post-op journey:

  • 1 Day After Procedure: A review by Mr Supriya for bandage removal and check up
  • 2 Weeks: An in-clinic appointment with Mr Supriya
  • 4-6 Weeks: An In-clinic appointment with Mr Supriya
  • 3-4 Months: An in-clinic visit with Mr Supriya or a nurse
  • 9 Months: A check-in via phone call with Mr Supriya
  • 12 Months: An in-clinic appointment with Mr Supriya to celebrate your progress!
  • Regular phone calls with our nurses to discuss your progress or any questions while healing

Rest assured, British Face is dedicated to accompanying you through each phase of your facial restoration journey.

How is Deep Plane Different From the Regular Facelift

In traditional face-lifting, the skin and the underlying SMAS layer is lifted separately as two distinct layers. In addition, most surgeons limit the surgery to a “SMAS tightening suture (imbrication)” or excision of a thin strip of SMAS tissue.

The deep plane technique is technically a more difficult procedure. The skin and SMAS (muscle) layer are lifted together as one unit and the fixed ligaments deep to SMAS anchoring it down are released, thereby allowing the deep facial tissue be repositioned adequately. The result is a more natural appearing, longer lasting rejuvenation.

Less than 10% surgeons in UK do a true composite flap deep plane facelift and necklift due to lack of training and concerns of facial nerve damage. Mr M Supriya has trained with Dr Andrew Jacono in New York and as a head and neck specialist surgeon working for NHS, he has extensive experience in carrying out complex cancer surgery around facial nerve. In addition, as a superspecialist facial surgeon, he has limited his cosmetic practice to facial region to ensure best possible outcome for his patients

Reclaim your youthful face. Reclaim your self-assurance.

Why Mr Mrinal Supriya Is Your Best Choice For a Deep Plane Facelift

Meet Mr Mrinal Supriya | Facial Cosmetic Surgeon


Mr Mrinal Supriya is a Consultant ENT, Head and Neck Surgeon with a special interest in facial cosmetic surgery. He is Chief of surgery division (2024) and was previously the Clinical Director for head and neck surgery at Northampton General Hospital. In his NHS practice, Mr Supriya leads the delivery of complex ENT and head and neck service including facial aesthetics & reconstruction and da Vinci Robotic head and neck surgery.

He is the lead head and neck robotic surgeon at the University hospital of Northamptonshire (2023). Previously, he held the post of ENT, Head and Neck consultant at St. George’s University Hospital, London and at Ninewells University Hospital, Dundee.

Mr Supriya has previously worked in top hospitals around the world, including the UK, Australia and USA. He has also spent time with Dr Andrew Jacono who has been named one of the top face lift surgeons in the USA.

Mr Supriya is among the 30 surgeons (2022), who are certified by The Royal College of Surgeon to provide facial cosmetic surgery in UK.

Why Should You Choose British Face Clinic For Facial Surgery?


Most clinics offering facelift do not carry out true deep plane surgery. Most surgeons and clinics carry out skin tightening or SMAS tightening which can give short lasting and unnatural results. Less than 10% surgeons in UK offer true composite deep plane facelift and necklift with extended approach to divide anchor ligaments that are crucial for logest lasting natural results.

More reasons why you should choose Mr Supriya for your deep plane facelift can be found below

  • We focus on natural-looking outcomes, ensuring high patient satisfaction with minimal revision rates.
  • Benefit from Mr. Supriya’s international experience in top hospitals in the UK, Australia, and the USA.
  • Mr. Supriya is the only facial surgeon serving Milton Keynes and the surrounding area.
  • Mr. Supriya also leads advanced surgical services at a prominent NHS hospital.
  • Mr. Supriya teaches and trains Oxford Deanery Trainee Surgeons, ensuring top-level expertise.
  • Mr. Supriya trained with Dr. Andrew Jacono, one of the top facelift surgeons in the USA.
  • Address both cosmetic and medical issues, such as nasal blockages and sinus problems, with our comprehensive care.
  • Our clinic’s revision rate is exceptionally low, reflecting the quality of our surgeries.
  • Best possible support and care before, during and after surgery with unlimited access to a nominated team member.


We offer free initial phone consultation with our specialist team, if you are interested in the next step, we’d then like to invite you to come in for in person or online consultation with Mr Supriya.

Consultations are £100 with Mr Supriya and are deductible from any surgery booked with us. The consultation fee also includes follow up consultations.

What to Expect During Your Consultation

During your full medical consultation, we’ll cover the following discussions:

  • Your surgical goals and expectations
  • Medical conditions, drug allergies and medical treatments
  • Current medications, vitamins, herbal supplements, alcohol, tobacco and drug use
  • Previous surgeries

Mr Supriya will:

  • Evaluate your general health status and any pre-existing health conditions or risk factors
  • Take photographs
  • Discuss your surgical options
  • Recommend a course of treatment
  • Discuss likely outcomes of surgery and any risks or potential complications
  • Preview your surgical outcome with our Crisalix 3D technology, which simulate the different options and select your favourite. (Available only for selected procedures, if appropriate).
  • Discuss about the surgery cost and payment options

How Much Does a Deep Plane Facelift Cost?

One of the most common enquiries we receive at the British Face is regarding cost. We often inform patients that pricing for surgeries largely depends on your specific procedure and its extent, combined with other essential factors that can fluctuate for every patient. However, to help with budgeting and affordability, the below general indicators will give you an idea of the costs associated with your considered procedure.

 A deep plane facelift cost depends on many factors, such as:

  • Location – due to different hospital charges at London, Milton Keynes and at Northampton
  • Length and involvement of the procedure (whether it includes additional procedures e.g. eyelid surgery, lip lift, chin implant, fat grafting etc)

Surgical Fee

Includes the surgeons fee as well as all the post-operative follow-up appointments. In the unlikely event of an emergency situation or complications, the additional surgical services required are also included.

Anaesthetist Fee

The anaesthetist fee is included in the total price package

Theatre and Hospital Stay

The total price package includes cost of hospital stay and medication provided at discharge, including facelift garment

Typically, a deep plane facelift costs £15,000 to £25,000. It is important to note that many cosmetic surgical procedures do not meet the qualifications of the use of insurance, making the financial burden fall solely on the patient. If you find yourself concerned about the cost of surgery, enquire our team for further information on the payment plans or a care credit card.

Accessible Payment Plans Now Available

We make your face lift more accessible by offering financing from £144/week with 0% interest for the first 12 months. 50% down payment required.

It takes less than a minute to fill in the form and receive a response. Deep plane facelift has never been so accessible!

0% financing available

Take your first step and step into a more beautiful you!

Change Your Life Today

The rejuvenate face of your dreams is just a free phone consultation away. You can get the youthful and confident look you always desired.

Reveal The Real You With A Deep Plane Facelift

You have jowls, tired eyes and a sagging neck

Gone are the days where you could jump out of bed fresh faced and ready to take on the day. As we age, gravity and laxity of our facial tissues leads to the drooping of skin and deeper tissues in the face and neck area. But it doesn’t have to be that way. A fresh and youthful you is waiting to be revealed.

You’re driving through life with your hand brake on

Physical appearance is a significant factor in self-esteem; the way you think and feel about yourself as a person can have a colossal impact on your confidence and general mood. You’ve become withdrawn, introverted and have lost your true sense of self. Nobody is born with limitless self-confidence, but it is possible to feel natural, elegant and attractive in your own skin.

Friends and family are the first to notice if your confidence is dwindling

You avoid having your picture taken and skip social gatherings because you feel self-conscious about your aged and tired appearance, like droopy eyebrows and prominent eye bags that make you look sad and tired.

If you don’t love yourself, can you truly love anyone else?

Opportunities come to those who get out there and seize them. The real you knows exactly what they want, and they’ve got the confidence and self-respect to make it happen.

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Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

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