How does deep plane facelift surgery work?

Mrinal Supriya explains how deep plane facelift surgery works

Laura Livesey: I think it would be interesting and important to know if I have a concern around my face, maybe my jowls, maybe my neck, and I come to you to have a treatment. How does it work? How does the whole process work?

Mrinal Supriya: For the deep plane facelift, it is important for you to remember that it is virtually a painless procedure for you.

It is done under general anaesthesia. It is a very delicate surgery. The surgeon has to be very confident, working around the nerves of your face. So it is not something that one can do in a hurry. It takes on average three to four hours to do both the face and the neck on both sides.

Once you are asleep under anaesthesia, the surgeon places some cuts on your skin, which are hidden, either within your hair or behind your ears. And from there, we go slightly under the skin. And then the distinct part of a deep plane facelift is that we go under a layer, what we call it is mass, so this is the layer that your muscles work on…

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Mrinal Supriya: We go deep to that layer, and then we release the ligament which is holding it in place. We go right ahead in front of your face to make sure that this whole layer is completely released. And then I pull it back and anchor it with some deep sutures in a much more natural uplifted position.

The difference from a skin lift is that in this thing, I have not pulled the skin as such. I have pulled the underlying tissue in an elevated position.

And then the excess skin is trimmed off, and then the face is closed. We often combine this with the removal of excess fat from the neck, which is done through a small 2-centimetre incision under your chin.

And from there, we do the same thing on the neck. We remove the excess fat and then sew off your neck. After the surgery, you will usually wake up with a very small tube, a drain, which is removed the next day. You have a head bandage. You are given some medication to keep yourself comfortable. And, that is the end of surgery…

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Mrinal Supriya: Most people, or almost all the patients, are very comfortable after surgery. They do not complain of any significant pain. They are able to eat and drink, and even walk the same day as of the surgery.

Next day after the operation, we remove all the dressing. We give you a special garment to keep things in place, and we remove all the stitches next week after the surgery.

You can virtually go back to your normal day-to-day activity by the end of seven to 10 days.

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