How much does deep plane facelift surgery cost?

Mrinal Supriya discusses the cost of deep plane facelift surgery

Laura Livesey: I’ve made up my mind that I’d like to investigate deep plane facelifts and I’d like to know what is the cost of that and how does it compare to other options?

Mrinal Supriya: Deep plane facelift ideally should be once in a lifetime event because if it is done appropriately by an experienced surgeon, the effects should last practically forever. When I say that, it does not mean that your face will stop ageing, it will continue to age. For example, if you have a deep plane facelift, and if you look at yourself ten years down the line, it will always look different compared to if you did not have a deep plane facelift. You will still always look much more rejuvenated.

It is once in a lifetime event.

The deep plane facelift is always going to be much costlier than the other two surgical varieties which are the skin lift and the MACS lift, and that is a reflection of the extra time that’s required.

For example, a skin lift or a MACS lift can be done within a couple of hours without general anaesthesia. A deep plane facelift can take double the amount of time. It requires a much more intense training for the surgeon, and it is much more involved for the surgeon…

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Mrinal Supriya: That is reflected in the price. If someone has a skin lift which might be appropriate in a very small minority, or if someone is getting a MACS lift, which might be appropriate for you if you are in your late twenties or early thirties one can get it done within a couple of hours under local anaesthesia. Therefore the price will reflect in being much lower.

In a deep plane facelift, which is likely to be once in your lifetime, it will be much more costly. The second thing, which impacts the price is whether you have other things done in addition. Most patients who have a deep plane face and neck lift will also get eyelid surgery done. They might get an implant on the chin to counter for the bone loss. All of that is taken into consideration before giving you a price.

Before you go for surgery, you will get a very precise price.

Remember the price that will be quoted by British Face Clinic will involve everything, not just the surgeon but also the hospital and anaesthetists fees.

It will also cover if you have any complications or problems within the first six months. Any problem, any complications, God forbid if that happens, it will be taken care for you without any further costs. Similarly, if you require any minor touch-ups within the first six months, it will be done without any cost to you. Remember those when you consider the cost of the actual procedure.

Laura Livesey: Okay, great. Can you give us just a broad range for the three different types of facelifts?

Mrinal Supriya: Okay. If you go on the internet and if you speak to different service providers, it’s a big range. As I said, I practically never do a skin lift alone on its own. I don’t offer a filler lift or a third lift because, in my opinion, they do not do anything for you.

The only thing, which I would consider as an alternative to a deep plane facelift is the MACS lift if you are young and just want a subtle lift and that will vary from £3,000 to £5,000.

However, if you are going for the comprehensive deep plane face and neck lift alone, the price will be anywhere from £8,000 to £12,000.

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