Otoplasty and protruding ear surgery

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About otoplasty and protruding ear surgery

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Otoplasty is a surgical procedure performed to decrease the prominence of your ears and correct any deformities such as asymmetry and shape abnormalities.  

We can perform otoplasty after the age of 5 or 6 years when the ear cartilage completes its development. There is no upper age limit.

I perform classical otoplasty under local anaesthetics  (General Anaesthesia in kids), by making a hidden cut behind the ear. Through this cut, depending on the individual requirement, excess cartilage is removed and sutured back to improve the ear appearance and symmetry. 

You can look at the appearance of your ear on the operation table before final closure; this is a key benefit and ensures I can make alterations before concluding the procedure. 

You get a bandage over your ear and dressing in and over the operated part. The bandage is removed usually after four days, and you must wear a headband for the following week. We typically remove the dressing and sutures after 7-10 days.


  • Life long results
  • We can achieve significant changes to the ears appearance


  • You need to wear head bandage for two weeks
  • Your ear can be painful and tender during the first week
  • Infection
  • Bleeding and hematoma
  • Skin discolouration or partial necrosis
  • Tender points / suture extrusion
  • Minor asymmetry between the ears

EARFOLD is a new technique that relies on the insertion of a special biocompatible metal alloy that “pins” the ear back. It is a very quick procedure that I can perform within half an hour under local anaesthesia. 

One of the most significant reassurances is that you can get a very accurate idea before surgery of how the ear will look after the ear fold implant is placed. This makes it much easier for you to decide if you are satisfied with the final appearance and if you would like to go ahead with this technique. 

There is minimal downtime involved, and you can go home within an hour of the treatment. 

There is no need for large dressings, and the new position of the ear is visible immediately.

This procedure may not be appropriate for you if you have excessive cartilage as the implant is more costly. In most cases, the price of the implant is offset by avoiding the need for major theatre and the anaesthetic service.

If you would like to know more about this treatment please get in touch for a consultation with a member of our expert team.

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“Mr. Supriya operated on my daughter Mia earlier this year carrying out a septoplasty and surgery to both turbinates. I am a nurse myself and have worked for many years in the operating theatre and cosmetic industry so I am used to dealing with surgeons. Mr Supriya is an amazing person, not only a very competent surgeon but a very kind caring man who put himself out completely to help and accommodate Mia for her surgery. For the first time in 12 years Mia can breathe properly so to say we are grateful is an understatement.”
S.A., Septoplasty

“I was there for my medical examination. From setting up appointments, registration, consultation and check up process, all staff and Mrinal himself were exceptional. I would highly recommend the clinic and I am very happy with the results of my treatment.”

M. R., Deep Plane Facelift

“I have received only what I can describe as world class treatment from Mr Supriya. His care & professionalism has been a comfort for me from day one.”

A. C., Rhinoplasty

“Dr Supriya was very friendly, professional, and put me at ease straight away. He spent time talking to me about specifically what I wanted and gave me his honest advice. Consultations were always very positive, and I didn’t feel nervous for my surgery.”

K. T., Facelift
“The result from my surgery was fantastic – it was exactly what I wanted. I had an open septorhinoplasty, and as soon as I came out of surgery I could breathe much better than before. To my surprise, I didn’t experience any noticeable facial bruising or swelling at any point in my recovery.”
G. E., Septorhinoplasty

“The results were so natural-looking that no one at work could tell I had anything done! I am delighted with my experience overall, and would certainly recommend Dr Supriya to anyone interested in cosmetic surgery, particularly rhinoplasty.”

G. v.H., Rhinoplasty

“My experience has been amazing from the first consultation till the surgery and even after the surgery. The support and care given by Steve (Patient Coordinator) and my surgeon Dr Mrinal Supriya has been amazing and comforting. I am very pleased with the results so far and I couldn’t be happier.”

C. T., Septorhinoplasty

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Mr Supriya has previously worked in top hospitals around the world, including the UK, Australia and USA. He has also spent time with Dr Andrew Jacono who has been named one of the top face lift surgeons in the USA.

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