What are the benefits of a deep plane facelift?

What are the benefits of a deep plane facelift?

In this interview, Mrinal Supriya discusses deep plane facelift benefits.

Laura Livesey: Can you tell me about the benefits of a deep plane facelift?

Mrinal Supriya: So the key benefit of a deep plane facelift is that you get a natural appearance of your face after surgery. It takes away the ageing changes in a very natural way. You do not look like a plastic person. Still, it looks much more refreshed, it seems much more revitalized, it looks elevated in a very natural, subtle way. You end up feeling more confident. You do not have this awkward feeling that you had something plastic done, and you’re looking unnatural. You still look very refreshed in a very natural way. It gives you more confidence.

It makes you feel that you are more presentable in a profession or a social situation, without having this awkward comment of looking artificial or plastic.

So mostly, I have a lot of patients who come back after having a non-deep plane facelift, because they don’t look natural, and they have not been able to achieve the results that they wanted…

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Laura Livesey: That’s a huge benefit. It sounds like people are coming to you for that natural feeling.

Mrinal Supriya: Absolutely. That is the way things stand. As a rule of thumb, if you are above the age of 40 – 45, and you have noticed physical changes on your face, like losing the definition between your face and your neck, or the jawline becoming less distinct, you are a candidate for a deep plane facelift.

If you go for other kinds of surgery in the belief that they are less invasive, will be much quicker, with a quicker recovery, a few months down the line, you will end up where you were, if not worse than where you were.

You will most probably regret your decision of not having the correct surgery.

All of these physical changes have a positive impact on your mindset. Their confidence, their self-awareness, are improved once we address the physical changes. There would be a particular group of patients who would also benefit from a forehead lift, which is done endoscopically and repositions your eyebrow. And it can also be combined with eyelid surgery, so that overall, the ageing changes in terms of a droopy eyebrow, droopy cheeks, jaws, or droopy tissues in your neck, are all addressed at the same time. And you end up feeling a much more rejuvenated yourself after the surgery.

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I’m an expert in this area and have all of the answers to any questions you might have. However, If you’d like to continue learning about facelifts, open up the toggles below to read more.

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Mr Mrinal Supriya is a Consultant ENT Head and Neck Surgeon with a special interest in facial cosmetic surgery. He is among 30 cosmetic surgeons who are members of the Royal College of Surgeons’ voluntary registration scheme – a professional body that works to advance surgical practice and patient care.

Mr Surpriya has previously worked in top hospitals around the world including the UK, Australia and the USA. He has also spent time with Dr Andrew Jacono who has been named one of the top plastic surgeons in the USA.
In the UK, Mr Supriya has worked as an ENT Consultant at Northampton General Hospital & St. George’s University Hospital, London as well as Ninewells University Hospital, Dundee.

Mr. Supriya’s clinical interests are minimal-access facial cosmetic procedures with a further expertise in Deep Plane Facelift and Rhinoplasty. By focusing his cosmetic practice solely to the face, Mr Supriya has developed super-specialised skills and achieved extremely reliable results with high patient satisfaction.

Mr. Supriya is able to provide comprehensive expertise that can only come from super specialisation: eyelid rejuvenation, nose job, endoscopic brow, face and neck lift, lip rejuvenation, cheek rejuvenation, ear surgery, chin surgery, buccal fat pad resection and skin treatments.

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