What does the deep plane facelift process involve from start to finish?

Mrinal Supriya explains the deep plane facelift process from start to finish

Laura Livesey: If I’m considering the deep plane facelift, I want to understand the whole process. So from the moment that I first get in touch with your team and make the call, what does the entire process look like to the point where I’m feeling I’m out the other side and onto my daily activities again?

Step 1: Get in touch and discover your suitability

Mrinal Supriya: It starts when you call up our practice manager. She will answer some of your questions, and she will also email you some information regarding facelift and the cosmetic procedures that we offer. Following that, you will have the chance to go through a self-questionnaire on our website, which will give you a further idea of whether these procedures are suitable for you or not.

Step 2: Meet your surgeon and determine your goals

Mrinal Supriya: Once you have made the appointment and the decision to consult, during the consultation, we will go through what you want. I will assess your face. We will go through some general medical questions, and then we will have a conversation about where you are and where you want to be both physically and mentally. And I will explain to you whether I can help you achieve all or some of those, and to what realistic goal I can help you with…

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Step 3: Come in for a focused discussion

After the first consultation, we give you some more information to go back home with so that you can review our consultation, review the information material. Then invariably you’ll come back for another consultation.

By the way, all these consultations are free of cost. In the second consultation, we’ll have a much more focused discussion. If you have any questions, we’ll go through before and after pictures. We will also take some pictures of your face, and we will draw out the changes or the particular area of concerns that you have. After that, once you decide to have the surgery, you will get a pre-operative anaesthetic assessment, and we will schedule a date for your actual surgery.

Step 4: Have the deep plane facelift to kick off the version of yourself you most want to be

On the actual day of surgery, you’ll come in the morning, and there will be staff to welcome you in. You will meet the anaesthetist for the day, and you will come down to our surgery suite.

The surgery itself will take about three to four hours, and you might be able to go home the same day or, if you wish, you can stay in the hospital overnight. Next day, I’ll get you back to remove the dressing and remove the drain tube if I have inserted those.

Step 5: Give your body time to heal

After that, it is just a question of letting your body heal up. And, as I said, the healing is more or less complete in the first two weeks. Within this first two weeks, we’ll remove the stitches or sutures or any clips that I have utilized. And then it is just a question of getting better every week…

Take the first step towards a more youthful you

Get a free Deep Plane Facelift consultation with Mr Mrinal Supriya

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Step 6: Return to your daily activities with confidence

Now you will feel much more confident after a couple of weeks. You can go out, and you can socialize, you can use your makeup to hide any apparent scar or the stitch site at that stage. But, mostly, after two weeks, you should be able to go out and carry out your day-to-day activity, whether it be professional or social.

Any swelling is not dramatic at that point, and that continues to reduce over the next few weeks. Most patients are able to go back to their work by the end of 10 to 14 days. They partake in social activities, and they feel much better about themselves because the changes that you desire are starting to get apparent after seven to 10 days. They will be apparent even after the first day of surgery, once the bandage is removed.

Patients will start feeling more confident. They realize that this was the right decision that they should have taken. Three months down the line, they are in a much happier place because the healing process is almost complete.

The scar tissues continue to remodel for months, but that is happening under the surface. It is not something that is apparent to anyone besides yourself.

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