How much does rhinoplasty cost?

May 26, 2020 | Rhinoplasty
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How much does rhinoplasty cost?

In this interview, Mrinal Supriya addresses the cost of a nose job.

Laura Livesey: Let’s talk about costs. I think that there’s confusion in the market in terms of why things are costed out as they are. It seems like some people have specific types of surgery that cost different amounts. So can you shed some light on that for us?

Mrinal Supriya: Yes. If you have a rhinoplasty, it should be a onetime event for the majority of patients because once you have a rhinoplasty and the way your nose is should last for the rest of your life, unless obviously you have a traumatic injury to the nose.

The one thing which I have never understood is why many of the companies have a different price for a closed versus an open rhinoplasty given that the difference is just an extra cut of two to three millimetres. So in my practice, I do not have anything like that. We do have a range of prices for rhinoplasty depending on how simple or complex the procedure is. So that will impact the price to reflect the extra work and the extra time required…

Mrinal Supriya: Similarly, some patients might require an implant in the nose. That will also impact the price. There is a significant proportion of patients who also get an implant for their chin. So that will also be done at the same time, and it impacts the price that you will have to pay. But overall, in my practice, there is no difference between having an open rhinoplasty or a closed rhinoplasty per se.

Laura Livesey: Can you give us an understanding of a range from the most simple to the most complex?

Mrinal Supriya: Okay, so the price for rhinoplasty or receptor rhinoplasty in my practice varies from 4,000 to 7,000 pound.

So if you require a graft implant in addition to rhinoplasty, then the price will go up. However, there is no difference in my practice between a closed rhinoplasty or open septorhinoplasty because, as I explained, I do not think the difference is significant enough to impact your bottom price line.

Laura Livesey: That makes sense. And how can we understand what the specific price will be for us?

Mrinal Supriya: First of all, please have a look at our website, which is full of information, and you can assess whether you will benefit from a rhinoplasty or not. And if you feel you will benefit, please book the free consultation where you can come and go through the surgical process and what would be the most optimum procedure that will help you meet your goals.