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“My experience has been amazing from the first consultation till the surgery and even after the surgery. The support and care given by Steve (Patient Coordinator) and my surgeon Dr Mirnal Supriya has been amazing and comforting. I am very pleased with the results so far and I couldn’t be happier.”

“Mr. Supriya operated on my daughter Mia earlier this year carying out a septoplasty surgery. I am a nurse myself and have worked for many years in the operating theatre and cosmetic industry. Mr Supriya is an amazing person not only a very competent surgeon but a very kind caring man who put himself out completely to help and accommodate Mia for her surgery. For the first time, in 12 years Mia can breath properly so to say we are grateful is an understatement.”


“Dr Supriya was very friendly, professional, and put me at ease straight away. He spent time talking to me about specifically what I wanted and gave me his honest advice. The result from my surgery was fantastic – it was exactly what I wanted. The results were so natural-looking that no one at work could tell I had anything done! I am delighted with my experience, and would certainly recommend Dr Supriya to anyone interested in cosmetic surgery.”

K.T., Rhinoplasty

“I was there for my medical examination. From setting up appointments, registration, consultation and check up process, all staff and Mrinal himself were exceptional. I would highly recommend the clinic and am very happy with the results of my treatment.”

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Take the first step towards a more youthful you

Get a video consultation where you’ll meet expert facial surgeon, Mr Mrinal Supriya, from the comfort of your home and get up to speed on your options


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A personal message from Mrinal Supriya

Choosing a facial cosmetic surgeon is difficult. I’m here to help.
Mr. Mrinal Supriya
Mr. Mrinal Supriya

Consultant ENT &
Facial Plastic Surgeon

Be honest… How confident are you with your ability to choose a facial cosmetic surgeon?

Anxious? Worried? Confused? Frustrated?

Well, if you said anything other than, “100% confident”, you’ve come to the right place. Assuming you want facial cosmetic surgery, you’re searching websites, visiting the forums, reading patient reviews, comparing claims, and trying to figure this all out on your own.

You’re busy. And you’re trying hard. But are you getting any closer to the right decision for you?

Are you 100% confident about your facial cosmetic surgery treatment plan?

When I asked this question of my patients before they saw me, I didn’t like the answer.

That’s why I chose the independent path to offer a service where I personally see every patient before I treat them. Not only that, but I spend as much time as necessary to address every question to ensure you are fully confident that you’ll get the results you seek. And, if for any reason I’m not 100% confident that you’ll get what you’re looking for after treatment, I’ll be the first person to tell you.

So, if you’re looking for someone to guide you toward everything you want after facial cosmetic surgery, give me a call.

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