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An expert in the field of Rhinoplasty nose jobs, including preservation Rhinoplasty, we offer tailored cosmetic surgery results to meet your desired goals.

Deep Plane Facelift

Our advanced ‘gold standard’ Facelift techniques work on the deepest layers of the face, creating high-quality and long-lasting, youthful results. Mr Supriya is one of only a few surgeons qualified to perform this surgery in the UK.


Specialising in techniques to provide no visible scarring, you can be assured of the best results with British Face Clinic.


Ear surgery can provide near-instant and permanent results with little discomfort, boosting your confidence and self-esteem. 

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Why should you choose
British Face Clinic?



Our testimonies speak for themselves. That is because you and your wellbeing are our priority. You can rest assured that we will tailor your results exclusively to your desired goals. We produce great results because we put you and your needs at the forefront.


Mr Mrinal Supriya is an NHS Surgeon and Clinical Director. He is among 30 surgeons certified by The Royal College of Surgeons (2022) to provide facial cosmetic surgery in the UK, and trains future leading consultant surgeons.


Super Specialist Facial Practice

Choosing the right cosmetic surgeon should be your highest priority. We are an exclusive facial cosmetic surgery practice specialising in natural-looking results delivered by an expert cosmetic surgeon. Mr Supriya is highly trained in specialised techniques that only a handful of surgeons in the UK can deliver.


Compassionate Care

Your dedicated personal patient co-ordinator is on hand to take care of you through every step of your journey. No matter the question or concern, we are here to support and guide you from first contact to discharge.



Our fixed-priced packages are all-inclusive with no hidden costs. You can feel confident knowing all future post-operative appointments are included in your package. If you feel you need to see us, then we want to see you.


Convenient Locations

Our clinics are located in Harley Street, London, Milton Keynes and Northampton, with easy access by public transport or car.

Know The
Complete Process

We understand that taking the first step towards cosmetic surgery can be daunting. Our patients can often have insecurities around how they look and feel. We work as a team to help build our patient’s confidence inside and out during their journey with us. Whether you choose a video or face-to-face consultation, Mr Mrinal Supriya will listen to your concerns to understand exactly what your desired goals are, talk you through your chosen procedure, and share examples of before and after pictures of previous patients. The consultation fee is £100 which covers as many follow-up appointments as you need and is deductible from any surgery booked with us.
Your journey will be supported throughout by our patient co-ordinator who will guide you from the initial consultation through to your final post-operative appointment and beyond. By having a single point of contact, you can be reassured of your continuity of care.
All our quotes are based on all-inclusive fixed-price packages. This transparency means there are no hidden costs or additional fees for follow-up appointments.


We have a choice of surgery dates available each month to suit your schedule. You can choose from any one of our three surgical locations in London, Milton Keynes and Northampton.

Our pre-operative assessments are normally completed by telephone a few weeks prior to your cosmetic surgery. A nurse will call to undertake a medical questionnaire to ensure you are safe to proceed with your chosen surgery. Occasionally you may be asked to attend a face-to-face appointment for further tests at no additional cost to yourself.

A week before your surgery the hospital will provide you with your admission time. This is the time to arrive at the hospital where our dedicated team will settle you into your private room before you meet with Mr Supriya and your Anaesthetist prior to surgery. Mr Supriya will meet with you again post-surgery before your final discharge.

Depending on the type of cosmetic surgery you have chosen you will be required to attend at least two post-operative appointments. The first will be 1 – 2 weeks following your surgery and again around 3 – 6 months later. Should you wish to see your surgeon earlier or at any time in the future, you won’t be charged for these additional post-op appointments.

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Embrace Beauty –
Inside and Out

At British Face Clinic we believe that how you feel on the inside should mirror how you feel about your appearance. Receive personal, expert guidance from Mr Mrinal Supriya over a video consultation.

Mr Mrinal Supriya | Facial Cosmetic Surgeon


Mr. Mrinal Supriya is a Consultant ENT, Head and Neck Surgeon with a special interest in facial cosmetic surgery. He is the Clinical Director for head and neck services in Northamptonshire and works as an ENT Consultant. He is the Lead Head and Neck Robotic Surgeon at the University Hospital of Northamptonshire (2020). Previously, he held the post of ENT, Head and Neck Consultant at St. George’s University Hospital, London, and at Ninewells University Hospital, Dundee.

Mr. Supriya has previously worked in top hospitals around the world, including the UK, Australia and USA. He has also spent time with Dr Andrew Jacono who has been named one of the top Facelift Surgeons in the USA.

Mr. Supriya is among the 30 surgeons (2022), who are certified by The Royal College of Surgeons to provide facial cosmetic surgery in the UK.

Mr. Supriya’s clinical interests are facial cosmetic procedures and da Vinci Robotic head and neck surgery. By focusing his cosmetic practice solely on the face, Mr. Supriya has developed super-specialised skills and he has achieved reliable results with high patient satisfaction.

Mr. Supriya’s facial cosmetic practice concentrates on Deep Plane Facelift, Rhinoplasty, Otoplasty (correction of prominent ears) and Blepharoplasty (upper and/or lower eyelid rejuvenation). He can provide minimally invasive options such as Scarless Lunch Break Otoplasty and Scarless Lower Eyelid Blepharoplasty (Trans-Conjunctival)

What to expect from
a consultation

Mr Surpiya provides consultations on Deep Plane Facelift, Rhinoplasty (nose jobs), Otoplasty (ear pinning surgery), Blepharoplasty (eyelid and eye bag reduction) and non-surgical facial rejuvenation options. Consultations are £100 and can last up to 30 minutes each time.

A Discussion

During the consultation, Mr Mrinal Supriya will listen to your goals. You will be shown a variety of before and after photos of our previous patients that have achieved similar results. He will talk you through the procedure in detail including highlighting any associated risks and will answer any questions you may have. You can freely discuss your motivations, concerns, and goals for your procedure in confidence.

A Physical Examination

Mr Supriya will carry out the necessary assessments and make suitable recommendations. He will then offer realistic guidance on how to achieve your desired results.

Your Treatment Options

After Mr Supriya has a clear idea about your expectations and motivations, he will suggest a personalised treatment and aftercare plan so that you feel more confident about taking that next step.
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Hear what our
Patients have to say

“Mr. Supriya operated on my daughter Mia earlier this year carrying out a septoplasty and surgery to both turbinates. I am a nurse myself and have worked for many years in the operating theatre and cosmetic industry so I am used to dealing with surgeons. Mr Supriya is an amazing person, not only a very competent surgeon but a very kind caring man who put himself out completely to help and accommodate Mia for her surgery. For the first time in 12 years Mia can breathe properly so to say we are grateful is an understatement.”.
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S. A., Septoplasty
“I was there for my medical examination. From setting up appointments, registration, consultation and check up process, all staff and Mrinal himself were exceptional. I would highly recommend the clinic and I am very happy with the results of my treatment.”
M. R., Deep Plane Facelift
“I have received only what I can describe as world class treatment from Mr Supriya. His care & professionalism has been a comfort for me from day one.”
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A. C., Rhinoplasty
“Dr Supriya was very friendly, professional, and put me at ease straight away. He spent time talking to me about specifically what I wanted and gave me his honest advice. Consultations were always very positive, and I didn’t feel nervous for my surgery.”
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K. T., Facelift
“The result from my surgery was fantastic – it was exactly what I wanted. I had an open septorhinoplasty, and as soon as I came out of surgery I could breathe much better than before. To my surprise, I didn’t experience any noticeable facial bruising or swelling at any point in my recovery.”
Testimonial imaage
G. E., Septorhinoplasty
“My experience has been amazing from the first consultation till the surgery and even after the surgery. The support and care given by Steve (Patient Coordinator) and my surgeon Dr Mrinal Supriya has been amazing and comforting. I am very pleased with the results so far and I couldn’t be happier.”
Testimonial imaage
C. T., Septorhinoplasty

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