Our Prices

At British Face Clinic, in addition to offering the best possible patient support, clinical care and surgical expertise, we also provide clear and transparent information about our costs.

We recognise that cost is a major factor for our patients and, if required,
we can support you with interest-free payment options.

The cost of your procedure includes:

  • Reimbursement of the initial consultation fees
  • Access to the Patient Co-ordinator
  • Pre-operative medical assessment
  • Anaesthetic charges
  • Theatre and Hospital fees
  • Mr Supriya’s surgical fees
  • Post-operative prescription and dressing/garments
  • Unlimited post-operative follow-up and consultation with our nurses and/or Mr Mrinal Supriya

Our prices reflect our dedicated service and aftercare packages, which are tailored to everyone’s unique requirements and circumstances.

Surgery with British Face Clinic can take place at either of our three hospitals located in London, Milton Keynes or Northampton

The following indicates the cost of our most common procedures at our London Hospital, though the cost of surgery will vary depending on the hospital chosen (**see below for more information).

The fixed-price packages are all-inclusive with no hidden fees or costs for follow-up appointments. An exact quote will be provided following the initial consultation.

Initial Consultation
All follow-up appointments are included in the initial consultation fee
£100 (deductible from any surgery booked)

Mini Facelift 

Deep Plane Facelift Including Neck and Eyebrow Lift with Platysmaplasty, Liposuction and/or Chin Fat Removal)

From £15,000

From £22,000

Simple Rhinoplasty to more complex Rhinoplasty procedures requiring rib cartilage graft From £6,750 to £13,000
Upper Blepharoplasty From £5,000
Lower Blepharoplasty From £6,000
Upper and Lower Blepharoplasty From £9,500
Classical Otoplasty From £5,500
Scarless Otoplasty From £3,500
Facial Liposuction From £4,000

**The cost of surgery varies at each location due to different theatre and anaesthetic costs charged by each hospital. Your surgeon’s fee, however, remains the same at all locations. For example, the cost of surgery at our Milton Keynes hospital is less than the cost at our London hospital due to lower hospital fees.

The surgical procedure and high quality of care at each of these centres will remain exactly the same with your surgery only being performed by Mr Supriya.