How quickly will I see the results of Otoplasty

March 17, 2023 | Otoplasty
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Otoplasty – commonly known as ear pinning or cosmetic ear surgery – is a procedure designed to change the shape, position or size of the ears. The results are often life changing, creating a more natural appearance that offers a dramatically improved look to the face.

If you’re thinking of having Otoplasty, recovery time is often one of your top concerns. Unlike other cosmetic procedures, the recovery period is quick. With the appropriate attention given to your post-op recovery instructions, you should be able to return to work within a week of the procedure. And if you continue to follow the instructions throughout your recovery this will guarantee your ears remain in their new position.

How is quick is quick?

In most cases you can expect your Otoplasty recovery time to be around 6 – 8 weeks. However, you’ll notice significant improvements in the appearance of your ears as soon as your bandages are removed.

After surgery, you will wear a compression bandage to keep your ears and sutures covered and protected. By day 3 a significant amount of the initial swelling will have subsided, with much of the associated pain diminishing as well. By day 5 the compression garment and sutures will be removed, after which you can wear a headband for another week.

Though the exact results will often vary based on a number of personal factors, including your health, age and the type of procedure performed, you can expect most of the swelling to be gone by around 8 weeks.

What does the recovery instructions include?

After the compression garment is removed, you can wear the headband regardless of what you do, though eventually you’ll only need to wear it at night. Sleeping on your back during the first 2 weeks is also recommended, as it will avoid any unnecessary pressure being placed on your ears.

You should also spend a couple of weeks avoiding intense physical activities, and depending on the scope of your procedure you may need to take prescription drugs to ensure you are comfortable enough to rest in the days following your procedure.

You should protect your ears from extreme temperatures as well. For instance, you should blow-dry your hair using the lowest heat setting possible. Moreover, you will need to make sure your ears are protected from the sun until your recovery is complete. Don’t spend too much time outdoors in direct sunlight, and wear protective sunscreen if you do.

Full recovery

Most Otoplasty aftercare and recovery is fairly simple, without major pain and discomfort. Patients who elect to have the procedure often enjoy outstanding results that are life-long.