Rhinoplasty Before and After 

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Rhinoplasty Before and After

Rhinoplasty, often referred to as a “nose job,” is a surgical procedure that reshapes and enhances the aesthetics of the nose. For many individuals, undergoing rhinoplasty at British Face Clinic is a transformative experience inside and outside. 

Understanding Rhinoplasty:

Rhinoplasty can address various concerns, including nasal asymmetry, size, shape, and breathing difficulties. As individuals seek improvement in both form and function, rhinoplasty has become increasingly popular, making it one of the most sought-after cosmetic surgeries in the UK.

British Face Clinic is led by the experienced and skilled surgeon Mr Mrinal Supriya. He has gained recognition for his commitment to delivering exceptional rhinoplasty results. The before and after transformations at British Face Clinic showcase the artistry and precision involved in achieving natural-looking results.

Rhinoplasty before and after pictures performed by Mr Mrinal Supriya:

Rhinoplasty Before and After 

Before Rhinoplasty:

Many individuals considering rhinoplasty are dissatisfied with certain aspects of their nose’s appearance or functionality. Common concerns include a prominent dorsal hump, asymmetry, a bulbous tip, or issues related to breathing. The initial consultation with Mr Mrinal Supriya at British Face Clinic is an important step as it gives patients a safe environment to discuss their concerns, insecurities and goals around their nose.

The Surgical Procedure:

Once a tailored treatment plan is established, patients can book their rhinoplasty procedure. Under Mr Supriya’s expert hands, the surgical process focuses on reshaping the nasal structure to achieve a harmonious balance with the overall facial features. The use of advanced surgical techniques ensures minimal scarring and a quicker recovery.

How quickly will I see the results after rhinoplasty?

Patients will wear a splint during the post-operative recovery stage for 14 days. Swelling and bruising are normal initially but have often subsided by the time the splint is removed to give a good idea of the final result. Further reduction in swelling and smoothing of underlying scar tissue will happen over the following few months. Patients receive detailed aftercare instructions, ensuring a smooth and successful recovery.

Mr Mrinal Supriya’s Expertise:

At British Face Clinic, Mr Mrinal Supriya is a highly-skilled surgeon dedicated to achieving natural-looking results, combined with a patient-centric approach. In his private practice and as Clinical Director for Head and Neck at Northampton General Hospital he performs nasal surgery to correct cosmetic and functional related issues with the nose.

Rhinoplasty surgery often goes beyond physical changes; it boosts confidence and enhances overall well-being. To find out more about rhinoplasty surgery at British Face Clinic visit www.britishfaceclinic.com or call 07590817036.