What is the cost of a facelift? 

May 2, 2023 | Deep Place Facelift

Suitability criteria

Are you looking to have your facelift in London? There are countless clinics that offer different types of facelift surgery in London, and it can be difficult to know whom to trust and to understand what the cost of a facelift should be.

Procedures can vary from Submental Platysmaplasty for neck bands to MiniFacelift/SMASlift to Deep Plane comprehensive Facelifts ( The “gold standard” of facelifts). You can follow this link to learn more about the difference in various facelifts.

Here at British Face Clinic, your journey would begin with a consultation with Mr Mrinal Supriya. This initial meeting can take place via video link or in person at one of our clinics in Harley Street London, Milton Keynes or Northampton. We recommend at least two face-to-face consultations before having any facelift surgery for a detailed physical examination of your skin and underlying tissue and bones. The consultation is important for us to understand your goals and for you to understand the procedure, the likely outcome and the recovery process.

First Consultation charges at British Face Clinic are £100, although should you go on to book your surgery with us this initial fee is deducted from the total cost of your surgery. There are no additional charges for follow-up consultations.

How much does a facelift cost?

At British Face Clinic, we offer a range of facelifts depending on your age, general health, skin quality, laxity, and the desired results. Our Facelifts are all-inclusive and the total cost depends on the location and the type and extent of the facelift. All surgeries are carried out by Mr Mrinal Supriya and you will get the same high-quality surgery and care at whichever centre you decide to attend for the procedure.

Our prices at London Harley street surgical facility range from £9000 for Platysmaplasty to £22,000 for a comprehensive deep plane face neck and eyebrow lift which is combined with Platysmaplasty, Liposuction and under chin fat removal. This price is lower at Milton Keynes surgical centre to reflect the different hospital charges. We pride ourselves in offering transparent fixed-price packages meaning that all the surgical, hospital and anaesthetist fees, along with your pre-and post-operative care are included in the cost of your procedure. After your surgery with British Face Clinic, you will continue to remain a patient, and you can return for a post-operative appointment with Mr Supriya or our nurses at any point in the future at no additional cost.

For those patients that meet the right criteria, we recommend a Deep Plane Facelift, as this technique will give the best quality results. Mr Supriya has trained with Dr Andrew Jacano in New York, a world leader in Deep Plane Facelifts. As a result, he is one of only a handful of expert facial surgeons in the UK that offer this procedure.

Patient comments on their experience with the British Face Clinic

“All staff and Mrinal were exceptional from setting up appointments, registration, consultation and check-up process. I would highly recommend the clinic, and I am delighted with the results of my treatment.”

“Mr Supriya is the best facelift surgeon in the UK. If you want exceptional results, you should choose British Face Clinic.”

“Dr Supriya was very friendly and professional, putting me at ease immediately. He spent time talking to me about specifically what I wanted and gave me his honest advice. Consultations were always positive, and I didn’t feel nervous about my surgery.”