What to expect from your consultation

November 17, 2021 | About British Face Clinic
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About Mr Mrinal Supriya

Mr Mrinal Supriya is a Consultant ENT Head and Neck Surgeon with a special interest in facial cosmetic surgery. He is a member of the Royal College of Surgeons’ voluntary registration scheme – a professional body that works to advance surgical practice and patient care.

Mr. Supriya’s clinical interests are minimal-access facial cosmetic procedures with a further expertise in Rhinoplasty. By focusing his cosmetic practice solely to the face, Mr Supriya has been able to develop super-specialised skills to achieved exceptional results with high patient satisfaction.

Mr. Supriya provides comprehensive expertise that can only come from super specialisation:

  • Eyelid rejuvenation (Blepharoplasty)
  • Nose job (Rhinoplasty), and
  • Ear surgery (Otoplasty)

What to expect from your consultation

Your consultation is an extremely important step in your journey. This half hour appointment is where the patient and surgeon come together to go over the procedure and gain a clear understanding of your hopes, to answer your questions, and address your concerns and to explore with you what can and cannot be achieved.

Assessment – Mr Supriya will need to be made aware of your medical history (and other relevant information about your health) in order to provide you with the safest and most effective surgical experience. Part of the success of this is preparing ahead for your consultation, by making yourself familiar with what information will be expected from you. The surgeon will then carry out the necessary assessments to examine the skin, bone and cartilage of your nose and / or face, as well as to take digital photos for review and discussion.

Discussion – Communication is the first step toward a successful surgery. During the first consultation, be completely candid about your goals. It is essential that you can communicate the results you are hoping to see. You can freely discuss your motivations and concerns with Mr Supriya, who will likewise offer realistic guidance on how you can achieve the desired results. Remember: the consultation is a prime opportunity to get your answers to whatever questions you may have about the procedure, your results, your recovery, or anything else.

Treatment options – After Mr Supriya has a clear idea about your expectations and motivations, he will suggest a personalised treatment procedure and aftercare plan so that you feel more confident to make a choice. It’s natural to feel some anxiety, whether it’s excitement for your anticipated new look or a bit of preoperative stress. Don’t be shy about discussing these feelings during this time.

Cost – A 30-minute consultation is £50, with any follow-on consultations free of charge. That means if you are on the fence, have reservations or doubts, or simply want to discover your treatment options, you can book your first appointment as a virtual consultation, and have the peace of mind knowing that a second face to face consultation will be at no extra cost to yourself.