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March 19, 2020 | About British Face Clinic
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We asked Mrinal Supriya why he does what he does

Laura Livesey: Can you tell us why you do what you do?

Mrinal Supriya: It’s a very interesting question. I suppose the reason why I do what I do is based on my strong belief that as a medical professional, it is my incumbent duty to offer my patients the latest, most efficient techniques. That is what drove me to learn robotic surgery in America during my fellowship.

After I gained expertise in facial cosmetic, it became apparent to me that in the UK, we do not have a dedicated facial cosmetic service. Therefore we set up British Face Clinic with the sole aim of offering the most effective, safest, transparent service dedicated purely for facial cosmetic surgery. My hope is that this service will provide the most reliable outcome for my patients.

Laura Livesey: Why is it important to have a facial specialism?

Mrinal Supriya: Like any other surgical speciality, the success of the outcome depends upon the expertise of the surgeon and the more experience the surgeon has and the more limited his area of work is, the more reliable his results will be.

Therefore, in the field of cosmetic surgery, I only do facial cosmetic work. Whether it be a facelift, eyelid lift, forehead lift, or rhinoplasty, and this gives me the confidence in offering the best possible technique so that my patients can enjoy the most reliable outcome in my hands.

This is lost if you have someone, a plastic surgeon, who is mostly doing surgery outside the facial region. For example, if you have a plastic surgeon who’s maximum proportion is doing breast implants with a minimal amount of work dedicated to facial cosmetic, they might struggle to give you more reliable results.