Why should you choose British Face Clinic?

February 17, 2020 | About British Face Clinic
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Mrinal Supriya explains why you should choose British Face Clinic

Laura Livesey: As somebody considering cosmetic surgery for the face, why should I consider British Face Clinic?

Mrinal Supriya: British Face Clinic was set up with a very specific ideal in mind. It has been set up to offer an ethical cosmetic surgery which is dedicated exclusively to your facial region. That puts us in a very few handfuls of such services in this country.

A cosmetic clinic purely dedicated towards facial cosmetic work

What you’ll find when you come to British Face Clinic is, first of all, you will meet a surgeon, i.e. myself, whose cosmetic surgery practice is purely dedicated towards facial cosmetic work…

Transparent ethos

Secondly, you’ll find a very transparent ethos here. We will give you so much information even before the surgery. You will get a lot of written and verbal information. You will never feel pressurized towards getting a procedure done. We encourage you to book as many consultations as you desire so that I can completely understand what you want out of the surgery, and you get the chance to ask all the questions or doubts that you have in mind.

Achieve your goals

We want you to feel comfortable and confident before you have the surgery done. We want you to have the appropriate procedure done so that at the end of the procedure, you go out feeling much more confident in yourself. You are happy because you have achieved what you set out to achieve.

If you come to British Face Clinic, you will come to a very ethical, non-pressurized, small service, which is completely dedicated to your wellbeing by providing exclusive facial cosmetic surgery.