What is a patient’s daily life like after rhinoplasty?

April 23, 2020 | Rhinoplasty
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Mrinal Supriya shares how a patient’s daily life changes after a nose job

Laura Livesey: Is there any difference, do you think, in the daily life of patients after they have a rhinoplasty?

Mrinal Supriya: It can be really life-changing. So, for example, I had a young girl in her early twenties who had a rhinoplasty under my care. She was working with one of the advertisement firms in London.

However, because she had lost her confidence due to a nose that was not in sync with the rest of her face, she was hesitant in going for progression in her career. She could not go out to socialize with her colleagues. And that had led to her being left behind while her colleagues had progressed in her career.

After the rhinoplasty, she gained her confidence back. She was able to go and work as a more integral and more productive part of her company, and that led to a significant enhancement in her professional prospect.

Having your confidence back has a real impact on your quality of life and on the happiness that you derive from your social interaction. It is something that can really enhance your life. And that is what I have found on feedback from most of my patients.