How do you get help?

March 5, 2020 | About British Face Clinic
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Mrinal Supriya explains how to reach out

Laura Livesey: I think anybody who’s been watching with us wants to know the next step probably. How do I get involved with you?

Step 1: Get in touch

Mrinal Supriya: It’s very simple. The first step would be to call on the number 0160 4556 244. You’ll speak to my practice manager who will be able to answer some questions and then book you in for a free consultation.

Step 2: Have a chat with me

Mrinal Supriya: That brings you to the second step, which is a consultation with me. I will go through your questions, your desires, and then I’ll be able to have an honest discussion as to what is achievable.

Step 3: Have the procedure and walk out with confidence

Mrinal Supriya: The third step would be having the actual procedure, going out, and then having a more content, confident, happier lifestyle after that. But it all begins by calling and booking up for a free consultation with me.